3 Interior Design Trends For 2022

3 Interior Design Trends For 2022

The last thing I want is for anyone to not love their home because they were told something in it is out. So instead, look at these trendy tips as more of my personal opinions - things I’m excited to see more in interiors; if you’ve got a few projects on your list this year, then see if these ideas excite you, too, and implement them!

Pattern Play

It’s no secret that the mixing of patterns in the design is a giant style trend. Layering prints and patterns is a fresh approach that creates a sophisticated look full of depth and dimension for your interiors. However, the key to mixing patterns successfully is all about balance. For example, when using multiple patterns in a space, choose a few solid fabrics to break up all the pattern so your eye does not feel overwhelmed. Choosing similar color tones also allows you to be a bit bolder with your pattern choices.
“We are introducing more patterns in our projects and our clients are embracing it. We don’t suggest going overboard with overmixing large, bold prints or overusing prints on all the fabrics, walls and rugs. Instead, mixing a patterned wallpaper with a stone, wood or brick floor that has a shape and form, like herringbone or chevron, is a great way to play with pattern without looking chaotic.” - Maria Viola-Kuttruff, Viola Interior Design 

Lindsey’s tip: Experiment first with a neutral color palette, floral design or textured patterns.

High Gloss Painted Trim

Contrasting trim paint is certainly a trend that the design community has long embraced. However, it feels that designers are recommending going bolder if you’re going to go with a monochrome look in your homes. This is a great way to work more color into your home and modernize the look of your interior. If you’ve chosen a neutral color for your home’s interior walls, you may want to try something new and select colors that contrast with your neutral walls. This will help your accents stand out and become a more noticeable part of the décor. 
"Painting the trim a bold color better defines the scale of the room, and it gives the room's architectural elements — windows and doors — more prominence.” - Steven Gambrel, S.R. Gambrel Interior Design 
Lindsey's tip: If you are nervous about taking this trend jump, choose to do a tone on tone color or your walls and trim. A simple way to achieve this is asking your paint provider to mix your trim color 50% darker. The contrast will be subtle, but enough to make your room shine.

Mixing the Old and New

When it comes to mixing antiques with modern pieces, almost anything goes. A home should be a collection of things you love and find meaningful, not a catalog of coordinated furniture. Adding vintage pieces new to modern ones creates a juxtaposition between old and new and helps your space feel fresh and surprising. You never want your room to look like you ran to a store and bought everything in one shopping trip! With the added number of supply-chain disruptions and months-long furniture backorders, shopping vintage cuts your wait to almost nothing and brings character and style into your home.
“Mixing modern and antiques is all about playing with your lines, making sure you have a healthy mix of streamlined and curves.” - Lisa Gilmore, Lisa Gilmore Design

Lindsey’s Tip: Be patient and picky when decorating your home. It deserves to be curated and look like you. Take the time to visit antique malls, Facebook marketplace, and online consignment stores like Charish. Try mixing a piece of contemporary art over a beautiful antique chest.

xoxo,  Lindsey
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