Lindsey Meyer Oushak Rug

How To Clean Your Oushak Rug

Inventive and unique, the oushak rug is a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. For most people, rugs are seen as something to step over on the way to the kitchen or wherever you need to go, but Oushak rugs are beautiful and intricate pieces of art. Fortunately, cleaning an oushak rug is not particularly difficult with the right care and attention. If you love your oushak rug and want to keep it around for a long time, it’s important to know how to clean it correctly to prevent any damage. Cleaning instructions differ depending on who made your rug — read on to find Lindsey’s recommendations for keeping your rug in tip-top shape.

Josie Rug

Identify The Cause of The Stain

If you know what caused the carpet stain, follow a stain removal chart to get out the stain. Here are some helpful guides for getting out the five most common and difficult stains on carpet: pet accidents, red wine, coffee, ink, and nail polish.

Pick Up and Blot Fresh Stains

Lift or blot any fresh stains. Pick up any solids that are causing a stain before blotting, as this will cause the stain to further stain the rug. Use the edge of an old card or thin spatula to lift away from the fibers. 

Jessica Rug

Blot Up Liquid Stains

Always remember, blot, don’t rub! Rubbing and scrubbing will cause the rug fibers to fray, changing the appearance of your rug. We recommend a white paper towel or cloth to see when color transfer stops. 

Make A Cleaning Solution

If stain remains, mix 1 cup water with 3 drops CLEAR dishwashing liquid. Dip a clean white towel into solution. Leave the solution on the stain for one hour and blot the stain with a clean towel. 

"Rinse" And Dry Rug

Next, dip a clean cloth in plain water to "rinse" the spot. This is especially important because any soapy residue left on the carpet will attract more soil. Once rug is dry, vacuum to restore the carpet fibers to their original form, repeat if necessary. 

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