How To: Restyle Your Husband's Office

How To: Restyle Your Husband's Office

Whether you’re team WFH or go to the office, having a soothing, aesthetically pleasing office makes going to work that much easier. You spend 40 hours of your week in your office, so creating a space that reflects the design and comfort of home, especially if you work from home, is essential to an easy 40 hours! Recently, Lindsey gave her husband’s office a redesign, and she’s sharing her tips and tricks to help you do the same!

We all love a sweet, thoughtful surprise - flowers, a bottle of wine, or an intentional date night. Husbands love surprises, too! Lindsey took her husband's business trip as an opportunity to sneak into his office and spruce it up. 

Lindsey’s Husband’s Office Remodel

How did you pull off the surprise?

He was out of town on a business trip, so I took advantage of the opportunity to get a few free hours in his office. I had already chosen the paint color a few years ago, so I worked with the serene color that was already on the walls. Don’t neglect the paint color step. Choosing a paint color that represents the tone of work is an important step - I opted for a soft color to create a calming space.

How long did the remodel take?

I collected pieces for a few months and stored them in a private place to keep everything a surprise. Once my husband left for his trip, I spent one day decorating the space.

What was the inspiration behind the project?

He has a lot of items that get shipped to him, so he needed good storage in his office space. Your office should serve you, not the other way around, so considering his needs we’re really important when seeking inspiration for this space.

His love for old country music inspired the Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash art and framed music covers hung throughout the space. I wanted to make the space feel like a comfortable room to live in, rather than an office building. I added my contemporary twist with a large piece of art.

Can you share tips for designing a functional but aesthetically pleasing office space?

Make a place for everything to be put away. Use minimal accessories. Choose a color palette that is soothing & just calls you to walk in the door.

How to Restyle Your Husband's Office on a budget

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What do I already have to work with? Think of antiques collected through the years or pieces in storage. 

  2. Consider his style. Modern? Fun? Find pieces with elements of this style like a mid-century modern chair set up for meetings. 

  3. How can I display his interests? Frame maps of famous golf courses for the golf enthusiast. Display album covers for the music lover. Find wildlife art for the outdoorsmen. 

  4. What is my budget? Search through Facebook Marketplace, an inexpensive place to find great pieces in need of a home.

  5. Could I make this a surprise? Surprising my husband was so much fun. I enlisted the help of his office manager to get in while he was gone.

Lindsey’s Tips

  1. Begin with the Rug. She recommends Scallop Jute Rug with Black Border, Lila - Made-To-Order, or Lauren - Made-To-Order.
  2. Choose a neutral paint color that is soothing and easy to live with. 
  3. Shop estate sales and thrift stores to collect items that make his space look evolved and collected over time.
  4. The goal isn't perfection. Aim to create a space that makes your partner confident, and comfortable, and look forward to heading to the office.

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